Resettlement Cell
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Home Guards were raised in India on 6th December 1946 in Bombay to assist the Police in controlling civil disturbances and communal riots. The concept was based on Home Guards “a voluntary citizen organization raised for local defence in UK during World War-II”. In the wake of Chinese Aggression in 1962, all the States and Union Territories were advised to merge their existing voluntary organizations into one all-India forces known as “Home Guards” which would be voluntary both in concept and character. This concept of a voluntary citizen’s force as auxiliary to the police for maintenance of law and order and for meeting emergencies/disasters has been adopted by most of states in India. As a voluntary nature citizen’s force, even after being discharged from Home Guards after their prescribed tenure, the volunteers continue to a large pool of trained and disciplined citizens in the society for emergent any other requirements. Hence there is need for resettlement of Discharged Home Guard volunteers. In order to explore the fruitful employment for the Discharged Home Guard volunteers of Directorate General of Home Guards a Resettlement Cell has been established in Directorate General of Home Guards, Delhi with following Mission, Vision, Duties and Resettlement Application Form. MISSION To provide an interface between the Discharged Home Guard volunteers & the Government/ Semi Government/ Private Institutes for their gainful Resettlement. VISION Ensure welfare Discharged Home Guard volunteers through implementation skill development training and explore employment opportunities with an aim to harness the potential of this disciplined/ well-trained manpower by their continued gainful utilization in the “Nation Building.”

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